Langdean Rubber: high-quality manufacturing

You can count on our many years' experience and professional working methods. Langdean Rubber are specialists in manufacturing high-quality, unique products. Meet our dedicated team and explore our range of reliable products and services. 


Advantages of working with us at a glance

  • Langdean have been trading for 37 years.
  • The Company have been growing whilst others have been in decline.
  • We have a Highly Skilled workforce, most of our staff have worked nearly all of their working lives within the Rubber Industry.
  • Our Costs and hence our selling Prices are totaly under conrtrol. This benefits our Customers with Highly Competative Prices for High-Quality Products.
  • We help benefit our Customers by providing the Right Product of the correct Quality, at the right time. We welcome schedules as this helps both ours and our Customers planning. 


We are experts within the Rubber Industry and know Rubber inside out.


We are keen to grow and can only meet our aspirations by supplying more Rubber Products to more Customers. We will do all we can to grow and think that we can be considered has a highly suitable potential source of supply.


Please let us quote your requirements - We are sure that you wont regret it.   



Call on +44 121 2462000. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and find out exactly how we can help you. We value our Customers and will try to help in any way we can.